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Spy The Lie! 10 Ways to Describe Liars

In his famous book Word Power Made Easy, Norman Lewis dedicates an entire chapter to liars and lying in order to introduce readers to 10 fascinating words that can be used to categorise liars on the basis of their behaviour. These words can of course be applied to a much wider variety of scenarios, but liars — as a group of people — evoke strong reactions in us. We’ve all come across a variety of liars. Can you identify them? Let’s find out!

  1. A notorious liar

This type of liar has a reputation for being a rampant teller of untruths. This person’s habits of conceit are so well known — to the point of infamy — that the only people likely to believe them are strangers, and that too, not for very long.

  1. A consummate liar

This type of liar is a master of deception. An absolute artist of fabrication, liars of this type are very convincing in their style that they almost always get away with it. They have a way of making even skeptics believe what they say.

  1. An incorrigible liar

A liar who is beyond correction, liars of this type go on telling lies despite the rebuke, retribution, embarrassment, punishment and even the sadness that their habits bring upon them.

  1. An inveterate liar

Lying, for this kind of liar, is nothing less than a regular routine. So deep rooted and frequent is their habit of telling untruths that it comes naturally to them. Lying is almost like a natural reflex for liars of this type.

  1. A congenital liar

This is a type of liar whose long history of deceiving and falsifying information makes people assume they’ve been lying for so long it may well be since they were born.

  1. A chronic liar

A liar who keeps telling lies with a straight face, almost unabashedly. This type of liar keeps telling lies again and again without exception. Their habit of telling untruths is easily an everyday affair.

  1. A pathological liar

For this type of liar, there is no distinction between truth and fiction. They keep telling lies to the point that it seems like a disease that no treatment or medicine can effectively cure.

  1. An unconscionable liar

This is a type of liar who completely lacks a conscience altogether. Ever the expert at misrepresentation and manipulation, this kind of liar feels no remorse or guilt for being a deceitful person.

  1. A glib liar

A liar of this sort has a vivid imagination and is ready to tweak the facts to their advantage in ways that are smooth and effortless. However, this habit is what makes such liars easily suspected for telling untruths as their words only too often precede their thoughts.

  1. An egregious liar

This is one type of liar whose deception is so exceptional, so extraordinary and so unrelentingly vicious. Their lies are outstanding to the point that they elicit gasps of utter disgust and amazement.